Sweet Potato Curry with roasted Walnuts & Garlic

Serves 8 persons

This is what you need:
900 g Sweet Potato
400 Pointed Cabbage 
600 Zucchini 
500  Water 
tbsp  Curry Powder 
100 g Butter
1 pc Garlic
200 g Walnuts
1 dl Oil
1/2 tbsp Salt
1/2 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Lemon Juice

This is what you do:

Peel the Sweet potatoes and cut them into large chunks. Also dice the pointed cabbage and zucchini. Add half of the oil to a big pot and roast the sweet potato gently. Add the curry powder and let it sizzle a bit. Then add the water, salt, sugar, lemon juice and boil for around 8 minutes or until the potatoes are nearly done. Then add the cabbage and zucchini and boil for 3 minutes under lid.
Add the butter, let it melt and gently give it a stir.

While the dish is boiling slice the garlic cloves in thin slices and chop the walnut roughly. Fry them light brown in the rest of the oil.
Serve the dish with rise or bulgur and top of with the roasted walnuts and garlic.  

Curry Baked Celeriac with Passionfruit Sauce

Serves 4 persons

You will need:

Curry Baked Celeriac

1/2 Celeriac
1 tbsp Curry Powder
1 tbsp Oil

Passionfruit Sauce

3 Passionfruits
30 g sugar
2 dl water
A pinch of salt
70 g cold butter

This is what you do:

Mix the oil and curry powder. Apply it on the peeled 1/2 celeriac. Bake it at 180 degrees celsius for around 30 minutes.  

Make the sauce:

Add the juice of the passionfruit, the sugar, water and salt into a pot and heat until it boils. 
Then add the cold butter in chunks and whisk until the butter is melted. The sauce must NOT boil. 

Serve the baked celeriac in 1/4 with the warm sauce as a pre dessert in a larger menu. 


Roasted Beef filet & Potato Salad

Serves 8 persons

You will need:

1600 g Beef filet

Potato Salad

1 kg Potatos
1 Butternut squash
Olive oil
30 g of green Peas
Fresh Dill


2 egg yolks
Juice of half a lemon
3 dl Sunflower oil
5 dl Creme Fraiche 18%
50 g butter
1 tbsp Curry Powder

This is what you do:

Boil the potatoes and cool down. At the same time cut the butternut squash in dice. Toss them with olive oil and salt and bake for around 18 min. Also cool them down.

Roast the beef filet in the oven or grill until the core temperature is 54 degrees - if you want the meat red.

Make the dressing:

Take the 2 egg yolks and add some salt and whisk a bit. Add the lemon juice and whisk a bit
more. Then add the oil slowly, while you whisk to make a mayonnaise. 
Add the creme fraiche to the mayo and mix it thoroughly. 
Melt the butter in a pot and roast the curry powder gently in it.
Add it to the dressing.

Cut the cold potatoes in appropriate pieces and a to a big bowl. Add the baked butternut squash, green peas and freshly chopped dill. 
Gently mix with the dressing.